Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simon's Dreams

Recently Simon bounced up to me and exclaimed, "Dreams!"

Dreams? I thought. Is Simon about to tell me his aspirations? Or could he have had a vision?

Then Simon said, "Dreams on!"

Dream on? As in, "Mommy, if you think you're going anywhere today without me having a meltdown you can dream on!"

Again, he said, "Dreams ON!"

I was perplexed. Those of you who are fluent in toddlerspeak know that in some words vowels are arbitrary, but in others consonants are. So deciphering what a toddler is saying is all about the context... I noticed that he was holding a pair of jeans in his hands.

"Simon," I said, "would you like to wear your jeans today?"

He smiled really big and said, "Ooo-wES!" (That's Simonese for "yes.")

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Keli B. said...

love it. hilarious.