Friday, July 25, 2008

New Simon Pics

Our interweb has been down the last couple days (boo!) but is up and working now (yay). But on to more important things- cute pictures of our son:

He fell asleep sitting up...

"Pound it!" (He looks so cute in a hat that we just laugh whenever we put one on him!)

Playing guitar with Daddy

Thumb sucker!


Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

i bet he could fit into that pirate outfit to go with the guitar

Alisha said...

The guitar strap barely fits around him, so the outfit would be too small... he's really porked up.

Courtney said...

he has really grown! Super cute guitar..props to whoever found that.

You know what I smell...2nd annual bcm reunion?!?!?

J-Delicious said...

Holy crap! I hate to say this, but in that first pic where my little man is falling asleep, he looks just like a little Chase Abnerinsky!