Monday, July 14, 2008

Fists, Small Children and a Weird Creature

Some of Simon's new favorites:

1. His own fist
Si has been known to make fists and stick his arms straight out. Lately he's been watching his fist (the left in particular) with great concentration and will start opening his mouth as if he was trying to eat it. Then the fist slowly comes towards his mouth often ending up at his cheek or under his bib. The times his fist winds up in his mouth are super cute, but of course he promptly stops whenever we get the video camera out.

2. Small children
There's a little girl at church named Taylor who I babysat and Si loves her. He lets her poke and prod him as well as restrain his arms or legs without fussing as long as she's talking to him. He was being pretty fussy yesterday morning at church but when this 3-year-old came up and started talking to him, his whole demeanor immediately changed. Last night he also enjoyed the company of one 2-year-old Bekah.

3. Put Me in the Zoo
Simon loves this book. He got super excited as I read it to him today and laughed pretty hard. We have the smaller, shorter version, not the full one, though.


Courtney said...

uh oh. Someone likes the older ladies!

Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

he got plenty of practice punching your womb

Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

oh yeah, happy birthday!

it's probably too late to call you. but at least you have a card in the mail :)