Thursday, July 17, 2008

Always on the Radio

Be it with Matchbox 20 or solo, Rob Thomas is always on the radio. Chase first pointed this out to me several months ago and I then estimated that in 90% of car trips, if you scan the airwaves, you will find Rob Thomas on the radio... at least on our local stations.

But why? I don't think I've ever encountered a Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 fan. I mean, most people are somewhere between indifferent and sort of liking him/them, but I've never met anyone who would say that they're the best band ever, call them their favorite band or singer, or even say, "Yeah, Rob Thomas is pretty awesome." It's mostly, "Yeah, Matchbox 20 is alright," or "Who's Rob Thomas? Oh, yeah that guy who sang that one song that was always on the radio in the mid-to-late '90s... and that other song with Santana."

Of course, I've also never encountered anyone who absolutely hates Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 either. So maybe that's why he's always on the radio... He has a pretty distinct and easily recognizable voice that no one absolutely loves or hates.

I'm curious, is Rob Thomas always on the radio where you live?


Chelsea Bass said...

Well, since I live where you live, yes!

I am one of those indifferent people. I do own a Matchbox 20 album from the mid-nineties. It's pretty good.

Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

he's never on the radio here, but then again i only go through about 3 stations here, 2 of which are classic rock.

so really, i don't know.

Kelli said...

I live in Indiana. Rob and MB20 are on the radio a lot here. I am absolutely a Rob Thomas fan. He's talented, funny, and oh so good looking...possibly the best looking man on the planet. Matchbox 20 is my favorite band ever. I can relate almost everyone of their songs to some time period or event in my life. I've seen them 8 times in concert and 1 time for Rob solo. Their concerts are awesome. They are a fabulous live band.

Ellen said...

You should encounter me. I am a HUGE Matchbox 20/Twenty & Rob Thomas fan. They're definitely one of my favorite bands, for sure. Although sometimes I do find it difficult to distinguish "Rob Thomas" from "Matchbox 20/Twenty". As in, if I didn't know any better I wouldn't think that Rob branched out to do solo stuff. I would just hear it and say "That's Matchbox 20/Twenty". Nevertheless, it's still good stuff.

MB20 Fan said...

With all due respect, you really need to get out more. I am a Huge Fan! Rob Thomas is a major talent, and super freaking sexy. Matchbox Twenty puts on the best live show I have ever seen! They have a very large following all over the world.

Pull your head out of the sand, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that promotes good live music shows, you should definitelty check them out. You will not be disappointed, trust me!

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE fan. I have listened to either Rob's solo stuff or MB20 nonstop for years. I turn on the radio and it's crap. I'm so sick of classic rock and the crap they play that all I listen to is MB20. I have a ton of stuff on my ipod and once in awhile I'll scan through some stuff but always go back to my MB20 playlists. Calms me down in rush hour traffic too lol.

I saw their first show in Hollywood and I am telling you I've never seen anyone sing as hard and give it their all during a show as he did. And he had just recouped from a cold. Didn't slow him down.... They were absolutely fantastic live. I'm still suffering from PCD so I think Im going to hop on a plane and go see one of the last shows.

I know quite a few people that absolutely love them, so I know I'm not alone. Maybe it's just where you live. I've lived in the midwest, East Coast, and the South. We are everywhere! :)

Alisha said...

I guess the Rob Thomas fan club has gotten together to make sure that I know that there are, in fact, Rob Thomas fans... Although I'm not sure how these ladies (and I'm pretty sure they're all ladies) finding him to be "sexy" has anything to do with talent or him always being on the radio...

Anyway, I stand corrected in there actually being Rob Thomas fans in existence... well, at least four fans anyway.