Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One Week

Simon is one week old today. I can hardly believe he came out of me!

Si likes:
-Being held/cuddled/kissed
-Daddy singing to him
-His swing
-His car seat (if he's not buckled in)

Si does not like:
-The man with the diamond earring who pricked his foot in the hospital
-Diaper changes
-Having his feet messed with (we blame the diamond earring man!)
-Being awake without someone paying attention to him


Chase Abner said...

I am dangerously proud of this kid. And I am even more proud of his mom. Scary isn't it?

Keli said...

i don't blame him. i don't trust men with diamond earrings.

chase, i don't think it's scary. it would be scary if you weren't.