Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About Si

So, this blog will probably end up being mostly about Baby Si for a while for several reasons:
1. He's awesome.
2. My days pretty much revolve around him right now.
3. He's awesome.

Si is two weeks old. The remnant of his umbilical cord has fallen off, so he now has the OK to take a tub bath rather than a sponge bath. Last night he slept like a champion only waking up to eat and then going right back to sleep. He got to meet his Aunt Manders and Aunt Spookie this weekend (my sisters) and got to see Nana Sally (my mom) again, so he got to be held lots. Si loves being held and cuddled but not as much as he loves eating. This boy loves to eat.


Keli said...

that boy looks awesome in his robot onesie!
My blog has turned into 'the nella blog' for the same 3 reasons! What can we say? We love blogging about our super awesome babies!

Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

I must admit that I, too, shamelessly devote my blog to my baby boy. There's just so much to say!

James' favorite hobby (like Si) is eating, eating, eating. I spend most of my day nursing him. Which is a blessing, because the first month we majorly struggled (which I blogged about--shock, surprise). It's fun to watch your little eater grow and grow!

J-Delicious said...

What a handsome young lad! I am so proud of you two! I hope I get to see Mr. Simon next weekend! ...And you and Chase also, but mostly Simon.