Monday, October 01, 2007

Robots & Baby

Normally, I'm a pretty big fan of robots. I mean, what's not to like about them? They're smart, look cool and are the future. But I'll tell you when I'm not a fan, when they're used for evil instead of good.

Good ways to use robots:
-as butlers
-to do your laundry
-to feed your dog
-to grab things out of your reach
-to check on the elderly
-to take pictures on Mars
-to play chess
-to mine for coal
-to guard your home
-to read to the blind
-as entertainment

Evil ways to use robots:
-to destroy the earth
-as assassins
-as telemarketers
-to steal old people's medicine

See, with so many good uses for robots, why do some people feel the need to use them maliciously? Most importantly, why must robot telemarketers interrupt my lunchtime nap?! Forming a baby in my womb is pretty tiring work, and getting up four times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom makes me feel less rested. Taking a lunchtime nap helps, but not so much when a robot telemarketer wakes me up!

Oh well, I guess we've got to take the bad with the good sometimes.

Speaking of forming a baby in my womb, I went to my first doctor's appointment on Thursday morning. Well, I didn't actually meet with the doctor but an OB nurse. We mostly went over family history, as in family history of diseases and such. Then they took my blood...

Now, most people don't like having blood drawn but can handle it okay, but not me. It's awful and terrifying and 99.9% of the time I pass out and/or throw up. It doesn't hurt that bad (uncomfortable more than anything), but the whole idea of it is just really really really disgusting. Thinking about it now gives me the heebie jeebies! But I just wanted to say that even though the nurse missed the first time, I did not throw up or pass out! That's pretty much due to Chase being there to distract me. I did feel icky afterwards though. If all goes well, they should only have to draw blood one more time and I've got about 20 weeks until that point.

Oh, and if you ask what we're going to name our baby, this is the response you will get: R2D2 Jesus. The first name is after a great robot used for good and the middle name is biblical. This name could be for a boy or girl!


Keli said...

maybe my favorite robot is 'kevin the robot.' anyone remember him?
i sure do. he was screech's robot on saved by the bell.

Caleb said...

some of my favorite robots:
- Johnny 5
- the one i built out of cardboard boxes in my basement when i was....younger
- ED-209 (Robocop)
- Luther, our dog
- T1000 - way cooler than Terminator

Chelsea said...

What happened to Skeletor and She-ra?

Coolest. Dancing. Robots. Ever.

aliosh said...

I like the baby name. I have a friend who wants to name his kids Story and Fable. R2D2 Jesus is quite fun as well. Personally, I'd name him/her Lil' since your last name is Abner....what? that's not funny...oh...