Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can You Handle the Excitement?

Things are very exciting right now. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The new season of Heroes has just begun.

2. I discovered lactose free mint chip ice cream at Kroger's. Mint chip is my absolute favorite ice cream flavor. Words cannot express how excited I was to eat some last night.

3. The new season of The Office begins on Thursday, and we're going to a The Office party.

It seems like I'm missing something... Oh yeah...

4. We're having a baby!


Chelsea said...

I concur that those are all incredibly exciting things!

Keli said...

1. never seen heroes. i hear it's good.
2. mint chip is yum. i'm curious about the carob replacing the chocolate . . . you let me know how it is.
3. FINALLY! the office graces us with season 4! (there's only one other show i'll be this excited about the fourth season. . . project runway). i'll have to miss the first few minutes of the office, my class gets out at 8:45. yeah, the office starts at 9pm here. boy, i miss the central time zone!
4. yay for babies!!! also, do you think our babies are friends now, while in the womb? or do they have to wait until next year?

Alisha said...

Heroes isn't good, Keli, it's grrrrrrreat!

I think I put the wrong picture and link for my mint chip... It's Soy Dream, not Rice Dream. And it is chocolate chip.

I miss Project Runway and the "parties" that went along with the show...

I think our babies will be friends as soon as we get together while they're inside of us. They'll probably be friends while we watch that RL Stine movie!