Monday, August 27, 2007

Band Photos

Last night we went to Steeleville, Illinois for a gig at a church carnival. In case you didn't know, Chase is in a band, but not just any band- Aaron R. Smith and the Reformation Band. Here are the band pics to prove it:
Aaron R. Smith and the Reformation Band

Aaron R. Smith (or if you're a Polish middle schooler, Akon)

Jason on guitar

Chase playing bass barefoot

Brad on guitar

Jermaine on drums

And here is the band's fan club. This band is so good that the kids were asking for autographs before they even started playing.

Photography is pretty fun. Since all the band members were there, we took a few band photos:

And just for fun, here's one of Chase and Bekah:

Oh, and be sure to ask Chase about what happened on the way up to Steeleville.

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Keli said...

sounds like a good time.
i love chase's story! hilarious! And so is caleb's comment on chase's post. ha!
good pics, i love the one with bekah and chase. good moment!