Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a Xmas w/ temps in the 70s

This year it's going to be a Disney Christmas! My parents' Christmas present to my sisters, Chase and me is a trip to Disney World the week before Christmas! That's the best time to go, too. Disney has Christmas lights all over and you get these 3-D-type glasses that make all the lights look like snowflakes and such, it's way less crowded so there are shorter lines, and the weather is very comfortable. The resort has a heated outdoor pool, too. I'm starting to get excited. (Plus, this means we'll be able to spend Christmas Eve & Day with the Abner clan.)

My parents came up for the weekend. We did a little shopping, Chase cooked some delicious dinner, and we went up to the beach at Rend Lake (where I forgot to bring the bread & chips, so sandwiches turned into lunchmeat roll-ups). Even though I was out in the sun all day, I didn't get a tan, but I didn't really get sunburn; I'm just a slightly darker shade of pale (if that makes any sense)... more of an off-white or mother of pearl color. It was fun.


Chase Abner said...

You can't take full responsibility for leaving the bread. It just got left... by all of us.

J-Delicious said...