Sunday, July 30, 2006

Better Late than Never

So, now that we have Internet access from home (well, it was fixed and then went out but then came back without being fixed again), I can post some pictures from last weekend's Nashville concert extravaganza! (Click pictures to see them larger.)

Here we have Guster costumed in traditional coutnry garb, though they are not a country band. They've called themselves "wuss rock." I like 'em. They're both fun and funny. Here are more rockin' Guster pictures:

Guster was way fun, as was The Format. So, now it's time for some The Format pictures. I took most of the Guster pics, and Chase photographed The Format (and he wanted me to note that the lighting was bad, so don't think he's a terrible photographer).

Even though this one is blurry, I like it because the guy has a cheesey grin.

And here is a picture of me enjoying The Format concert:

It was much fun. Check it out, short hair!


On a totally different and serious note, for those of you who pray to God, I ask that you pray for my cousin Brad and his family. Brad's only 20 years-old and has been through a few bouts of an aggressive cancer. It's possibly in his brain now. He's got some bleeding there, but no tumors showed up on the scan. Brad has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and he's in good spirits about the whole situation. Your prayers would be much appreciated by our family.


Chase Abner said...

Guster also refers to their music as "Jew beard rock."

pizzleanddizzle said...

Short hair is the coooolest!