Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in the States

We came home yesterday around 2:00 am to a phone/Internet modem that had stopped working. Mediacom, I shake my fist at you!!!!

Poland was great. While there weren't any specific commitments to follow Jesus Christ, we did see some drastic change. There was one boy in particular who, on the first day we met him, took a bread knife from another missionary while she was cutting bread, acted like he was going to cut her and then himself and would not give it back to her. I went over to him and told him in the most stern voice I could muster (the disciplinary voice I got from my mom), that he would either give her the knife back or leave. He gave it back and left pretty mad. This kid had been a trouble maker for a while. By the end of the week, he had started coming to VBS (Vacation Bible School) and even read the Bible. He hugged us goodbye with tears in his eyes. I would say that this was probably the best thing about the trip.

Other highlights: Chase got pooped on (the arm) by a bird in Wroclaw (Vro-swav). A few minutes later, Caleb got pooped on (the head) by a bird... and didn't wash it out until the end of the day. More Poland stories will be posted at our Poland Blog.

(Oh, and I really appreciate having soft tolietpaper, now!)

In other news, my hair is now a whole foot shorter! Keli & I went to the mall yesterdays and got our hair cut. She got some sweet bangs and I got a short 'do. I'll be sending a 12" ponytail, a 10" ponytail and a 9" ponytail to Locks of Love. Having short hair is great. I can just wash it, let it air dry and it looks pretty cute!

Well, it's work time!

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