Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Project #1: Read the Bible in a Year. I found a plan online to read the Bible chronologically in a year. Usually I just read a chapter or 2 a night (unless I'm reading a book with 4 or so chapters, then I'll go ahead and read the whole book). This plan has me reading between 3 and 6 chapters a day. So I printed out the plan and hopefully by this time next year, I'll have read the whole thing in order. (Er, at least what some web site says is the order.)

Project #2: Shower Curtain. Since we now have 2 full bathrooms, I've decided that I'd rather make a shower curtain than buy one. Total cost of material was just under $6.00 (material + ribbon for trim) not counting the vinyl liner. It'll be cheaper, what I want and hand-made! I'm using either ribbon or leftover material instead of rings, too. I feel all domestic!

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