Thursday, June 15, 2006

Motivation Lacking

Right now, I'm really lacking motivation. I'd really like to be out at a lake or beach finishing one of several books I've started, but I'm cooped up in an office. I thought I was gonna have a mini-breakdown yesterday. We finally bought an external drive for our computer so I could finish some wedding videos for some friends. It came yesterday (when it should have been Monday or Tuesday at the latest). I thought all I was going to have to do was render the video, export it and then burn it to DVD. I couldn't finish it before because we lacked the space on our computer. (The editing has been finshed since November or December.) Well, the program still says that there's not enough disk space when I know that there is. Gah! I think the program is just craptastic (it's called ulead something or other). I think I have a later version that came with our DVD burner. Hopefully the update will fix the problem... if not, I think I'll just cry.

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