Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Under the Sea

So, this morning as I was passing this nursing home in Marion on my way to work, I saw a hitchhiker. It was an elderly man, and he was standing on Route 13 in front of the nursing home with thumb stuck out and everything. Hrmmm… did this man escape from the nursing home?


Last night I dreamed that I was a mermaid. It was great! I was all swimming in the ocean singing and laughing and doing the things that sea creatures do. Then I saw these nets. At first they seemed harmless, but then they started moving. I thought that they were fishermen trying to catch some fish. So, I’d swim out of the way (it was quite amusing at first), but after a while, I realized that they were trying to catch me! I panicked and swam as hard as I could, but I got worn out and was eventually caught. I started screaming, but it wasn’t like a normal scream; it was sort of like a beautiful song in scream form (if that makes any sense at all). It was pretty loud under the water, but when I was brought up to the surface, it was blood-curdling (yet still beautiful).

There were two scraggly-looking men on jet-skis reeling me in. As I got closer to them, I got more panicked and louder. I was looking around expecting someone, anyone, to show up and save me. Then I saw my merman father. (He wasn’t like my real-life dad; in fact, he greatly resembled King Triton from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.) I stopped sing-screaming and was so relieved knowing that he was there to save me from these men.

But when he approached, the men gave him gold coins. My merman dad looked at me as if he was going to say something but didn’t, and then he turned around and went back into the ocean. The men started laughing; I started screaming louder than ever. They immediately stopped laughing and covered their ears which had started to bleed from my screams. They were fuming mad and pulled out this syringe filled with some kind of sedative. I had thought that I was at maximum pitch and volume, but I did scream louder and higher. It was the most beautiful and most terrible sound at the same time. One of the scraggly men on a jet-ski injected the sedative into my left shoulder and my screams slowly subsided until I was out. That’s the end of my dream. I woke up to go to the bathroom feeling betrayed. It was an awful feeling.

Occasionally I’ll go through a spell of nightmares where I’m being chased or attacked. I’m thinking that I’m in the middle of one of those spells. These dreams are always extremely colorful, exciting, scary, vivid, and realistic. Also, I remember them as soon as I wake up. So far in this spell, I haven’t been chased or attacked by any monsters yet; just people and tropical bugs.


J-Delicious said...
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J-Delicious said...

Maybe you were chased because your husband's name is Chase?