Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's only a flesh wound...

So the 12-year-olds were pretty fun. They seemed interested in what was going on... especially in the sound effect CD set I have... More specifically, the boys were interested in the machine gun and bomb sound effects. The only negative thing was the fact that I accidentally sliced off a chunk of skin on my left index finger when I was moving a stool out of the way in the production room. It didn't really hurt at the time, but it bled a lot and I was all "Oh crap, I'm bleeding!" (I didn't say that out loud; it was probably more of an "Awww!" but not in an "Awww! What an adorable kitty!" sort of way... It was more of an "Awww! I'm bleeding!" like all "Grrr" and stuff.... yeah.) After bleeding all over the kids, I put a Band-Aid on. Just kidding, no Band-Aid was involved! Er... I mean... no bleeding all over kids was involved... yeah...

Well, now my finger hurts. I want to take the Band-Aid off because it's driving me nuts. But looking at my wound makes me all queasy and stuff... that, and I don't want to get it infected.

On a brighter side, Chase and I don't have anywhere that we have to be or anything that we have to do tonight! Yippee! The plan is to make lasagna. The question is do we find a recipe and make it from scratch or do we just get it all ready-to-make out of a box?

Oh! And here is a picture of my brother-in-law doing the Kentucky State Police Academy secret handshake.

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