Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wanda and Peanut Butter Swift

Charlotte (age 3) and I (age a lot more than 3) were watching her favorite music video, Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. Then the Charz got the idea that if we put on a bunch of accessories, we can pretend to be "different Taylor Swifts" like how TS tries out different personas in the video. After we put on different headbands (it was mostly headbands, by the way) that made us look just like different Taylor Swifts in the eyes of my three-year-old, this conversation happened:

Charzie: We can change our names…
Me: To what?
Charzie: I can change my name to Wanda and you can be Peanut Butter Swift.
Me: Wanda and Peanut Butter Swift?
Charzie: Yes.
Me: Where did you come up with Wanda? Where did you hear that?
Charzie: God told me. This day. When we were at the store, God told me.
Me: God told you to change your name to Wanda?
Charzie: Yes.
Me: For real or are you pretending?
Charzie: God told me this day for real.
Me: OK. Wanda and Peanut Butter Swift.
Charzie. Yes. But we can change them back if we want to.

For whatever reason, and maybe this gives you a glimpse into the odd-ness of my family, Peanut Butter Swift didn't seem as strange of a name for Charlotte to choose as Wanda was. Oh, and apparently those names are Spanish, so we have to speak Spanish when we change our names.

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