Monday, November 25, 2013

A Semi-wasted Morning Ending in Donuts

Our Internet kept dropping because our modem was too old (we've only had it a bit over a year, but Comcast upgraded or something since then). After dropping Simon off at school this morning, I went to Comcast to switch to a new modem, but Google sent me to a non-existent location prompting me to call customer service to find out where they actually were.

I had to go through all the "Press 1 for ____" and "Enter your 10-digit phone number for this account" and "Does your phone number end in 2000?" (it doesn't, that is not what I entered, the robot asked me this twice). I had to go through many of those prompts two or three times before actually getting to speak to a person, who also wanted me to tell her all that info yet again. All I wanted to know was where the freakin' building was! She looked it up for me and Jonas, Charzie & I were on our way. Seriously, I think I sat in that parking lot for 20 minutes trying to talk to someone! I'd come that far and there was no turning back. I wanted my Internet! Amazingly, the kids were great even though I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack.

There's just something about being sort of lost and having kids in the car that makes me feel on the verge of panic. I mean, I wasn't really lost, I knew where I was and how to get home and all; I just felt like I was wasting soooooo much of our morning looking for this stupid building so we could have our stupid Internet working so we could watch our stupid shows and I could stop using all my stupid data on my stupid phone. Stupid.

ANYWAY, we got to the actual building and I saw & talked to an actual person right away. I was sure to let him know about my predicament and told him I know it's not his fault, but whoever is in charge of that sort of thing, you know, letting the biggest & most popular search engine know that your building is no longer where it once was, should get on fixing that.

As I was receiving our new modem, Charzie informed me she had to go potty. Not to be outdone, Jonas decided he needed to go, too. And since we were in a building where we had never been before, I knew Jonas needed to mark his territory with a poop. He did. They both did. I guess it was fun for them. I assure you it was not fun for me, especially the part where Charzie wanted to touch every crack/hole/weird thing on the bathroom floor. Kids are gross. I knew it was best for us to all wash hands together, otherwise we'd be washing them over and over and over and over. Again, kids are gross.

I was stressed. It was snack time. I had seen a Mel-O-Cream Donuts near the non-existent Comcast location. We had donuts for snack. Now we're home. I got out some markers and a big roll of paper for the kids. I'm ready for a nap, but I should probably check whether they actually colored on the paper or on the walls first...


sarah said...

goodness. what a day already. hope you enjoy your naptime.

and the bathroom floor. yes. kids are so gross. sam will touch literally anything, and levi will put anything in his mouth.

Alisha said...

Sarah, I'm also coming off an entire weekend of being sick (not strep throat, but something like it) and this was the first outing I've had since the sick! Jonas STILL puts stuff in his mouth at 4 years old and both my littles touch EVERYTHING. I'm soooo thankful that they are on a nap schedule where they nap at the same time... But Jonas will give his nap up sometime by kindergarten. Hopefully later rather than sooner! Hope you get a nap today, too!

Jen said...

Kudos for impeccable timing and location, Mel-o-Cream! I wish there was one of those (or ANY donut shop) nearby when I'm having a bad day, haha. ;) I have stopped at pizza hut (Catie's favorite) before though!

It cracked me up that Jonas needs to #2 in a new place. And your prophecy of it made it even better!

I'm so sorry for the anxious day. I know that feeling when things aren't going as planned and the kids are ticking time bombs. When that happens, I picture a prime-toddler-time hourglass and sand just pouring, pouring, pouring. And no one appreciates all that sand being wasted except me! :)