Thursday, March 21, 2013


Charlotte (just about 22 months old) was just acting tired but it's too early to put her down for a nap. We'd already read some books and I decided it would be better to let her watch some TV than to have her fussing now (from her being tired) or later (from napping too early and getting tired)...

Me: Do you want Mommy to turn on a movie for you?
Charzie: Yeah
Me: What do you want to watch? Princess? (Cinderella)
Charzie: No
Me: You don't want to watch Cinderella?
Charzie: No
Me: What do you want to watch?
Charzie: Batman!

My baby girl is borderline obsessed with Batman, and I'm not talking the modern cartoons or movies either. She loves Batman: The Movie starring Adam West. She asks to watch Batman at least once a day and will laugh maniacally if I turn it on for her. She talks about Batman, Penguin and Joker. She calls her room "My Bat Cave" and will also say that the arches from our entryway to the dining and living rooms in our house are the Bat Cave.

Charlotte actually watches the movie, too. She'll gather her blankies and some toys on the couch and just sit watching Batman. I'll hear her exclaim, "Oh no! Batman! Look out!" during parts of the movie where Batman seems be in peril. She will get up and play a little while the movie is on, but she makes sure to keep an eye on her hero.

I can only assume her Batman obsession started with her big brother Jonas being all about The Bat. But this girl is taking it to a whole nutha level. We might be in trouble here...

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