Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When Simon Grows Up

Simon was talking to me about when he grows up. He is currently three and a half. Here is the gist of the conversation...

When Simon grows up and is big and a daddy, he will have three offices, but he will not have a guitar. His kids will have guitars and flutes and pianos, though. He will have three boys and four girls and they will like him. His friend Nella will be the mommy and she will stay home and hold the kids all the time. Nella will do the laundry and Simon will cook dinner. He will come home from work real quick to cook dinner.

Of his three offices, one is for making robot toys, one is for making Spiderman toys and one is for doing his work. He will work on his computer. He will also sleep at his office but he will come home before his kids wake up in the morning. At nighttime, his kids will sleep and Nella should sleep then, too. Simon will drink coffee and juice at his office. His kids will work making toys in the other offices.

Simon will also be a Ghostbuster guy with Jonas, but that's not his job. He and Jonas will "fight ghostes." Simon's kids might also want to be Ghostbusters and there will be lots of seats in the ghostbusters van.


sarah said...

this is fabulous. i love it.

Nathan Oser said...

What a cool kid! Sounds like a plan to me! I would love to work in his second office and help build Spiderman toys. :)

Happy holidays!!!