Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Simon's Christmas List

Simon & I were talking about his Christmas and things on his wishlist. Here is some of it:

... Jonas can have all the R2D2 things and I can have all the C3EPO (yes, we know it's C3PO) things and Charlotte can have Darth Vader... And a Lego house for the Star Wars toys... I don't want all of those things, just Star Wars toys, and a Spiderman costume, and bath toys. And a bath ball like Charlotte's that jingles. And Star Wars bath toys. And a Spiderman bath toy. And a Star Wars spaceship for the bath... (uninterpretable excited 3-year-old chatter) ... And a kiss on the cheek...

Then Jonas announced he had to poop and I didn't hear the rest of what Simon was saying. But I did almost vomit because Jonas' poop reeked so badly.

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