Wednesday, November 02, 2011

October, What?

I just realized that I didn't have a single post in October. Yeah, it's been crazy.

The kids like to get up before 6:00 AM.
My sister came to visit.
We went to a pumpkin patch.
Ate some Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry cereals.
Chase went out of town.
My mom came to visit.
Both boys are daytime potty trained.
Jonas (the younger) wakes up dry in the morning maybe half the time.
Charlotte eats 2 meals of solids a day.
So far she likes oatmeal, rice cereal, green beans & carrots but loves pears.
Charlotte cries when her pears are gone.
I went to my first concert since my first pregnancy.
The Avett Brothers rocked my face, but I felt old & unfashionable... (another post soon, I hope)
The boys got their teeth cleaned at the dentist and did awesome.
Simon loves The Nightmare Before Christmas.
He thinks it's awesome that Mr. Oogey Boogey is made of bugs.
I carved Mr. Oogey Boogey for my jack-o-lantern this year.
I hosted a Halloweeney Playdate Party with a spooky snack contest.
I made skeletons on lollipop sticks using marshmallows & yogurt-covered pretzels.
Charlotte is 5 months old!
Chase's parents came to visit.
My BFF Keli brought her kids down for my party & to trick-or-treat.
Our kids were a BLT sandwich for Halloween.

That's pretty much my October. Now here are the pictures:

BLT Sandwich
Bread- Nella
Tomato- Silas
Bacon- Jonas (of course)
Lettuce- Charlotte
Bread- Simon

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