Monday, August 29, 2011


Pretty much overnight Jonas morphed from mostly complacent toddler to fussy, whiney 2-year-old. Yup, Jonas is two. We celebrated this occasion with a piggy party! We picked the piggy theme because Jonas loves, nay, is borderline obsessed with bacon.

Jonas & Daddy blowing out birthday candles

Picking birthday themes and building cakes & decorations that go with those themes is one of my favorite mommy jobs. Check out this piggy party stuff:

The invitation

Piggy cake- chocolate with buttercream icing, cupcake nose & graham cracker ears

Dangling paper piggy (alive- side 1)

Dangling paper piggy (dead- side 2)

Paper lantern piggies I made

Hanging paper lantern piggy

Food table

Chase's bacon burst (a big hit)

Chase's pulled pork (another hit, as always)

Oh, Jonas! You are so smart and have the climbing skills that rival kids three times your age. You say, "Hi!" a bajillion times to anyone and everyone we encounter while we're out and about, that is, unless they initiate the greeting. You're super social and friendly. You won't tell Daddy good morning ('uh morn-eeen!) until Mommy & Charlotte come out to the living room. You want to go somewhere, anywhere, all the time, but you want "Siney" to go with you. If Mommy or Daddy take you somewhere without your brother, you ask for him and get super excited to see him when you get home greeting him with hugs, even if you're only gone for 10 minutes! You tried to hug Papaw over the phone and tried to hug Aunt Manders while Skyping with her on the computer.

I don't know what you enjoy more, reading books or destroying them. You are super destructive. You love to dance and have incredible rhythm. You are a daredevil and go head-first off of furniture and pretty much anything at least 10 times a day. You love playing in water, dirt and mud. Outside is your favorite place to be.

You have such a vast vocabulary that it is about impossible to count how many words you know. You mostly speak in complete sentences. I adore your "play voices." When you're pretending, making your toys talk, your voice either gets super high and sweet or gravely like what I call your dragon voice. You love to tackle Daddy and to be tossed around.

You do pretty well sleeping in your big boy bed, but we usually have to tell you to get back in bed at least once every night. You sleep with a blankie and snuggle shirts (Mommy & Daddy's dirty shirts that you love to smell). Whenever you wake up from a nap or in the morning, you gather all your sleep stuff and dump it in the living room.

Jonas, you are so sweet and cute and absolutely adorable that we're all going to be in big trouble when you realize this and use it to your advantage. You are so loved. I can hardly believe my little piggy is two!

A recent Jonas picture

Newborn Jonas

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