Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Week and a Half Already

Beautiful Baby Charlotte (or Charwit as the boys call her) just fits right in. She's a pretty laid back baby as long as she has her plug (aka pacifier). She loves her plug. Charlotte is a wonderful sleeper... noisy, but wonderful. She just halfway wakes up to eat overnight anywhere between 3 & 5 hours and goes right back to sleep. Only once since she's been home was she up overnight more than for a meal and it was for an hour and a half. Since she's only a week and a half old, I don't anticipate that being the normal; but I can dream, can't I? And I'll surely appreciate this while I can!

Right now it's hard to tell what the boys think of her because we've had grandparents in town quite a bit. Jonas loves to give her kisses and share things with her by throwing toys at her when she's in her swing exclaiming, "Nice?!?!" Simon wants her to build with blocks with him and talk back to him when he says things to her. Both boys think it's absolutely hilarious when she gets the hiccups.

I think this last picture is a pretty accurate depiction of how things are right now... Simon is messing with Jonas and Charlotte is wondering what she's in for!

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Chelsea Bass said...

"Nice?!?!" I love that! Hope she keeps sleeping and I can't wait to hear the many more funny stories to come of the adventures of her and her big brother!