Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hooray for Bubbles!

I believe Simon has 5 teeth trying to come in right now. That paired with his two-year-old understanding of the world has made for many many tantrums lately. Thankfully, he's napping now, but this morning we had a few raw moments. To get my mind off of those throwing-himself-on-the-ground fits, I'm posting happy pictures of Simon with bubbles. Enjoy!

Bubble excitement!

His arms stayed up like that the whole time!

Running after bubbles

Giving the little bubble the stink eye

And of course, we can't leave Jonas out! Jonsie has been a bit of a tough one lately, too. He's refusing baby food for the most part and only wants to eat what Simon and I are eating, which would be fine if he wasn't super slow at gumming up his food! He'll get better, though. Jonas is always totally pumped when I give him bites from my plate.

Preparing to crawl


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shell said...

your kids are just too cute!!!