Monday, January 25, 2010

I know, I know...

I know, I know, I haven't updated in over a month. There are two main reasons for this: 1) My blog has turned into just pictures of my awesome babies and since most of my readers are also my Facebook friends, they can see the pictures there; and B) I don't really have anything particularly interesting to blog right now.

My day is mostly changing lots of diapers (both boys pooped 3 times each today), feeding the boys (Jonas is now eating 3 meals a day of solids [baby food]), telling Simon he can't watch TV all day and then finding something to occupy him, reading books, playing and carrying a heavy Jonas. Oh, and did I mention attempting to keep up with the laundry (usually happens), dishes (rarely happens), vaccuuming (occasionally happens) and other housework? Thankfully Chase cooks most nights and helps out with other stuff when he can, otherwise we'd be eating lots of frozen skillet meals, spaghetti and hot dogs!

So I guess an update on the boys is in order... Simon is into trucks, blocks, puzzles, books, balls, guitars and TV. His favorite book is Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (a daily read, sometimes twice a day). His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (he calls it Mouse) and Little Einsteins (he calls it Eins, Eyes, or Dance) on Disney. Simon knows 24 of his letters (he usually calls T "I" and V "Y") and can count to 5. Simon likes to line things up and we find his trucks or blocks all lined up around the house. He's a very sweet big brother; I often catch Simon laying on the floor holding hands with Jonas and giggling.

Jonas' favorite thing is interacting with Simon. He now rolls from belly to back, although he often doesn't realize he can do this and gets mad if I leave him on his belly. He likes to grab his feet and throw things on the floor. One of Jonas' favorite things is jumping in the Jumperoo. He's such a sweet sweet boy, but when he laughs hard he sounds like a raptor (or at least what I imagine one would sound like)! Jonas is a good napper and goes to bed pretty easily. He's getting bitey, so we're transitioning to a bottle. He was vehemently against this until we tried the Nuk brand bottle with a soy formula. He seems to like that. He likes every fruit he's tried, is pretty fond of carrots, sort of likes peas and tolerates green beans. Jonas is big (wearing 12 month clothes at 5 months old!) and snuggly!

So that's the update. If anything particularly interesting happens, I'll blog, otherwise you probably won't hear from me on here again for a month...

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