Sunday, November 02, 2008

'Tis the Spookin' Season

We had quite the busy week! Last weekend our good friends Caleb and Keli were in town, so we got to spend some time with them and Si got to hang out with his girlfriend. We also had a concert and photography exhibition to attend, and we took Si to his very first Halloween party!

Si & Nella getting to know each other a little better... Notice Si has his arm around Nella in the top two pictures. I think she likes it.

Si also got to meet Nella's cousin Marley. Baby interactions are always so interesting!

Our Halloween costumes all went together:

Si was a monkey, Chase a zookeeper and I was an animal rights activist. I made the monkey costume. Chase made my poster; it says "ZOOS ARE PRISONS" and has a picture of Simon in his monkey costume behind bars. And I made a graphic and did an iron-on transfer for my shirt. Here's the graphic:

We made zombiecakes for the party, too!

Devilsfood cupcakes with iced graham cracker tombstones, crumbled graham crackers for dirt and paper zombies stuck in.

As you can see, Simon was worn out! Just look at that sleepy monkey!

And just because he's too cute, here's one more picture of Baby Si from this week:


Keli said...

• LOVE the pics of Simon & Nella.
• LOVE the pics of Si & Marley.
• The costumes turned out amazing!
• The cupcakes are wicked-awesome! (you know how I love all things cupcakes!)
• Simon is way too adorable.

shell said...

you are the coolest mom ever!!!!!!!!! i love it all! and he is getting SO big and has the most beautiful eyes!

Shannon Anderson said...

awww... He is such a cute little monkey.