Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tucson Pictures

We're still recovering from our trip to Tucson, but Simon has adjusted quite well. He was soooo happy to be home. As soon as he realized where he was when we came in the door on Sunday night, he started smiling and kicking like crazy.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Si hanging out by the pool during the wedding rehearsal with his 2nd cousin Karen Jo and his aunt Paige

Hugging Aunt Paige

Pre-fussfest at the wedding with Great Aunt Juan

Mariachi band!

Alex being walked down the aisle by her dad

Joel kissing his bride

Chase and his sister Laura Beth coming back down the aisle

Chase was trying to be stealthy with the camera, but Jon Darron was on to him!

And there you have it. Our trip to Arizona. Chase often comments that Simon has seen more of our country the first 5 months of his live than he did the first 20 of his!

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Madly Hatter said...

He's probably seen more than I have in my 24!