Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm a closet Tyra fan. There, I said it. If you know me, the you would more than likely thinK that watching the Tyra Show is pretty much out of character. But I do watch and enjoy it.

It all started with The Soup. You can pretty much count on Joel McHale showing at least one clip per show of Tyra saying and/or doing something ridiculous. Since we don't have extended cable and therefore don't get to watch The Soup, I figured I'd just watch the Tyra Show to see the craziness.

My addiction started out just enjoying the general ridiculousness that is Tyra, but then I started getting sucked into the shows. See, I'm a sucker for before-and-afters (and it can be anything before-and-after: fat people losing weight, anorexics gaining weight, unruly frizzy hair going straight, dilapidated homes being made over, weirdos dressing normal, skanks dressing appropriately, women being taught to wear makeup, bearded/mustached men shaving, people with long hair cutting it short, people dressing like it's 1980 being taught to dress in current fashions, and so on...) and Tyra often has before-and-afters on her show.

The other day I actually learned something from the Tyra Show: there are Black women who bleach their skin! I had no clue. All the women on this show had stories about how a lighter skinned Black girl they knew when they were young was prettier and more liked. One lady even bleached all three of her young sons' faces to give them more "opportunities." Not one of these ladies, though, would take responsibility for their actions; it was all society's fault they did this to themselves (and for one, to her children).

Now, being quite pastey myself, I won't pretend to know what it's like to grow up having dark skin, but I can't imagine having darker skin being a negative thing, at least not in today's society. I was sickened, saddened and fascinated all at the same time.

I feel like I should have something profound to say here, but I don't. So here's a clip of Tyra doing something weird:


DT Boy said...

Does Chase know about this "addiction" you have???



Alisha said...

Yes, Chase knows... he's come home on multiple occasions to find me watching it. He actually got sucked into the skin bleaching episode, too!

Shannon Anderson said...

Are you kidding I love that crazy, crazy, crazy woman. Especially on Americas next top model (one of my favorites). I dont catch her talk show much, but I will forever think of you when i do.