Sunday, September 28, 2008


Simon is five months old... five months old! He's become a great napper (well, at home anyway) and will sleep a 7-8 hour stretch at night, is super chatty, loves to pet Daddy's hair and to kick and splash in the bathtub. He also enjoys reading, kicking and eating oatmeal like a big boy. Si often tries to fall asleep with his feet in the air.

Always with the tongue...

Lauging baby!


Happy and drooly

He moves his mouth like he's trying to make words.

So serious

Isn't he wonderful?


Keli said...


Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

bestest baby ever

Shannon Anderson said...

um YES he is wonderful!

MommytoAJ2 said...

He's getting so big!!! Love the tongue!!!