Friday, August 22, 2008

Tons of Pictures!

I started this blog post a few days ago and put it on hold when Si got sick. He's much better now and has just a bit of congestion and a cough left. But now I believe he's starting the teething process...

Anyway, here are tons of new pictures of our awesome baby...

Si with his first toy, a giraffe we call Hibbleton. They have a love-hate relationship. One minute Si is cuddling Hibbleton and the next he's yelling at and/or biting his friend. Thanks Aunt Manders.

This is Si's latest gift, a hat from the Cincinnati Zoo that my mom got for him. I've seen all kinds of little hats for baby girls but haven't seen any for boys. Now the sun will stay off his head when we go outside!

Here's an outfit one of Chase's (southern) aunts got for him...

...and Simon's reaction to me taking his picture in it. His thighs are a little too beefy for it.

Speaking of meat, here are some meaty feeties!

Chase likes him in overalls

No longer screaming during "tummy time," hooray! (The Boppy helps.)

Now here are Si's 3 month old pictures from JC Penny's... My mom took us while we were in town a few weeks ago. (We had a bad experience there with them being an hour late at which point our baby became fussy and then a couple of pictures where he was smiling turned out to be blurry... And I don't think the lighting was that great, either... And we can take better pictures at home... Needless to say, we don't recommend JC Penny's portrait studio, but Si still looked cute.)

Holding his head up and sticking his tongue out like his daddy does while concentrating.

Nakey baby! Si loves being naked...

Reading his favorite book

This one is my favorite: Sweet Si

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Keli said...

i love the sweet si one! also, i love the smocked outfit. i don't know if being in 'the south' has had anything to do with it, but now i'm obsessed with anything smocked and/or monogrammed!