Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Fit!

Most women have their skinny jeans, regular jeans, bigger jeans and maybe fat jeans. Today, for the first time since Simon was born, I tried on my regular jeans... and they fit! Not a well, I can get them buttoned but I'm spilling out kind of fit, nay, they fit like jeans are supposed to fit. And there was much rejoicing...

I've been down to my pre-pregnancy weight for over a month now, but my body has just been a little different. It's a wonderful different, though, because it means that my body did one of the amazing things it was designed to do: house my baby as he was being formed in my womb. Sure, there are some stretch marks here and there and my belly isn't as tight as it once was (although it's starting to get there), but that's a minuscule price to pay for the joy of being a mommy.

Staying home with Simon is also a perfect fit. I can't imagine feeling satisfied working outside our home because I love just being a stay-at-home wife and mother so much! I don't feel the need to prove that I can do it all by having a career, a fancy home and a family; I don't feel like I'm wasting my degree; and I don't feel like I wasted time and money getting my degree (I'm one of those rare cases who actually got a job in their studied field right out of college! Plus, that's how I met my husband!).

I understand that some women don't feel satisfied staying home and would prefer adult interaction at a job. And there are women who need to work outside the home in order to provide for their families. I'm just very appreciative that I don't fall into either of those camps. It's possible that I will have to go to work in the future, but right now, I'm just enjoying mommyhood.


Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

Yay for pre-preg jeans!

Are you doing The Hundred w/ your husband? I am amazed (and thrilled) at how it is tightening my abs.

BTW, I nanny part time. If you ever need a way to make some money, I def recommend it since you can take Simon with you and still have time to be a homemaker. It's a total blessing for us!

Alisha said...

No, I'm not doing the challenge... yet. I was babysitting for a family with two kids and a dog a couple days a week, but it just wasn't working for us. Going from one child to three all at once was much more difficult than I expected. When Si gets older (read: weaned!) something like that would probably be more feasible.

Chase Abner said...

You are amazing and I love you whether you wear pre-preg jeans or if you double in size.

But you do look great.

Courtney said...

Congrats! I can only imagine that putting on regular jeans after pregnancy must feel fabulous! Matt and I will be in town on the 30th for a wedding in c-dale....maybe we can get together for a couple minutes?!?!