Monday, January 28, 2008


Wow, 100 days to go. It seems like a long time to go yet only a short time left. Baby R2 has recently shifted from kick/punch mode to super squirmy mode. The mothers I've talked to have pretty much all said that their children who were very active in the womb were/are also very active outside the womb. One said her 35-year-old is still that way.

Some friends of ours just had a baby Friday. Chase is making some "meet love*" to bring them for dinner tonight. We're pretty excited about meeting Baby Jonathan. That's three babies down and at least three more to go in our group of friends! Keli, you're up next!

*When we were in Poland last May, Chase made meatloaf for a Bible study group and one of the guys wanted the recipe. He referred to it as "meet love."


Keli said...

100 days to go! yay! it will go by fast . . . until the end! baby b is due in 4 days, but the past week has felt like an eternity!
squeeze little baby jonathan's chubby cheeks for me!

Chelsea said...

Aww, I'm totally jealous you get to go see Team Davis!
100 days sounds long to me, but I know it will go soo fast. I've been reading everyone's developmental progress every week. It's so amazing!