Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reality TV I Would Actually Watch

Dear Directors and Producers of Reality TV,
I don’t like reality television shows. They’re annoying, lack creativity and there are just too many of them. But there is one that, if it existed, I would watch. I would, in fact, be the number one fan of this show. This show would sell itself…

The cast: Al Roker, Pat Sajak, Conan O’Brien and Harland Williams
The premise: Al, Pat, Conan & Harland are housemates for a certain span of time.

That’s it. There would be no need for writers, competition or for tasks to complete. Just film the interaction. Pat Sajak says weird and awkward things all the time on Wheel of Fortune; Al Roker does and says crazy things on the Today Show; Conan O’Brien is a spaz (in a good way); and Harland Williams weirds Conan out every time he’s on Late Night.

This show would be a hit. Well, at least I would watch it.

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