Thursday, June 07, 2007

We Made It Back and So Did Our Luggage

If you haven't read on the Poland Blog, we've been back home as of midnight Monday. First order of business was to see Pirates III Tuesday afternoon, then yesterday we went to Cedar Lake for a few hours, and today we're back to work. Our jet lag hasn't been too bad. We've mostly gone to bed early and consequently, as a result, gotten up early. (That one's for you, Team Bass!) I've had some dull nausea since the middle of our long flight, but now it's starting to lessen some. Yesterday I made a couple Facebook photo albums of our trip. You should be able to view them here: Poland 2007 (part 1) and Poland 2007 (part 2).

So, Pirates III was pretty crazycakes. I'd have to say that it's by far the strangest one yet, and I like it. It was nice to sit and relax on the beach and in the lake for a while. It feels kind of strange being back at work after being in a totally different environment for two weeks.

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