Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm stealing this idea from this blog I've come across. (So, sometimes I read strangers' blogs, okay?) These are things people have typed into a search engine which caused them to end up at my blog:

old timey missionary baptist
I am a Baptist and have gone on a couple mission trips, but I'm not very old timey

did abraham lincoln chop down a cherry tree?
Nope, that story was about George Washington, buddy. Although, I guess we don't know for sure that ol' Abe didn't chop one down...

chop wizzard
My husband is a kitchen wizzard (yes, with two Z's)

angry ear
That was my diagnosis from my doctor when my eardrum was all perforated

Jon Chase photobooth
I don't know if we have any Photobooth pics of Jon...

wrecks that happened in gatlinburg on november 11,2006
Sorry, can't help ya there.

advil cold and sinus moved
Where did it go?

nobody wants to bass in the band with jesus
I would, but the only bass I know how to play is on Guitar Hero.

choppy chop
This one got it right; that is the name of my blog!

Hooray for Stat Counter!

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Chase Abner said...

That's awesome. I'm gonna have to try that with my blog. I'm kinda afraid what I'll find.