Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Disney Adventure

Our Disney adventure started Sunday afternoon and came to an end on Saturday morning. I was planning on putting pictures up at the end of each day, but that wasn’t able to happen because I forgot the cable to the camera and we didn’t have free Internet access anyway. This entry is pretty long and just tells of our Disney trip. You can still be my friend if you don’t read it. I’ll do another post with pictures later. I know that sometimes I say I’ll put pictures up but then I don’t…. I’ll really put some up this time.

Sunday, December 17
We arrived at Disney’s All Star Music resort, unloaded and took a Disney bus to the Magic Kingdom where we waited a while in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride only for it to break down. We were told that the pirates were out of rum and would not work without rum. We rode some more rides, including the spinning teacups where Chase and Miranda had ours spinning so fast I almost upchucked.

Monday, December 18
It was time for Epcot where we were fed old earth and evolution propaganda, but it was still fun. We walked around the world (showcase) and saw Miranda scuba dive in a Disney aquarium. Test track was a pretty fun ride.

Tuesday, December 19
In order to see as many animals as possible, we got up early to go to the Animal Kingdom. There, we went on an African safari, walked a trail to see more animals, and found a lot of Hidden Mickeys at the conservation station where we also met Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket. We also went to Asia where we rode Disney’s newest roller coaster inside of Mt. Everest where we were chased by a yeti. Some more old earth and evolution propaganda was fed to us again in Dinoland where they claimed that no one knows what killed the dinosaurs, but then they proceeded to tell us how fast the meteor was traveling when it hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs. Dinoland had a fun rollercoaster-ish ride that spins you around a lot. Animal Kingdom was pretty fun. We also ate at the Rainforest CafĂ© where we had some delicious crab dip stuff. Another great thing about Tuesday was getting to see our friend Jared. Jared moved down to Florida to be a part of a church and he was able to come meet Chase and me that evening to hang out for a little while at Downtown Disney. We also exchanged Christmas gifts with my family that night.

Wednesday, December 20
We went to Disney-MGM Studios and rode the Rockin’ Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror. We saw a pretty sweet car stunt show where we learned that a car that we thought was driving backwards was actually built backwards so that the driver was really going forwards.

Thursday, December 21
It was back to the Magic Kingdom where Chase rode the Dumbo ride for the very first time. We were finally able to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, too. The movies are actually based on the ride, but they added things from the movies to the ride to make it more like the movies. Later on we went back to Epcot where Chase and I rode the lame ride inside the giant golf ball-lookin’ thing and got to ride some Segway scooters! We were only on them for a couple minutes, but it was fun. I found out that Epcot has an Around the World on a Segway Tour, and if I’m ever back at Disney World, that’s what I want to do.

Friday, December 22
We went back to the Animal Kingdom to go on another African safari and get chased by a yeti again. Miranda watched some vet procedures. We also went back to Downtown Disney and ate some delicious food at the House of Blues. It rained for the first time that evening.

Saturday, December 23
We packed up and drove back to Kentucky where Chase and I parted with my family in London and headed to the community of Lost Creek to spend Christmas with his family.

Comments on Disney:
There were too many strollers and Jazzy scooters (or Rascals or Hoverounds, whichever you prefer). We’d see families pushing strollers with children who were too big for the stroller and they all looked miserable. People who could walk just fine would rent the Jazzies and honk at people to get out of their way and get mad when people couldn’t move quick enough. Then we’d see people taking turns on the scooter, too. These scooters were like a free jump to the front of the line because they’d just take the handicapped entrance even though they had no disability. Those people also didn’t always know how to operate the scooters they rented either. There was a woman who cut open her leg bumping into something because she didn’t know how to put it in reverse. Disney should have them do some kind of course to prove they know how to operate them, and then they should have to take a lesson in scooter etiquette. Also, families should be told that line jumping is not a sport. Entire families would cut in front of us in line. It was very crowded and dirtier than I’d ever seen Disney before. It was still cleaner than most amusement parks, but I saw trash on the ground and the bathrooms weren’t always clean. I also saw unhappy-looking workers, which was a first for me at Disney. It was much more crowded than we expected at the time we went.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea because we really did have a great time. Finding Hidden Mickeys was pretty fun, especially for Chase. The rides were fun and it was awesome to see all the very cute and very excited small children. There were tons of little girls dressed in princess dresses, too. Of course it was great getting to spend a week with my parents and sisters.

Okay, that’s the end of this Disney adventure. Stay tuned for pictures!

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