Sunday, June 11, 2006


So this cat has been hanging out on our deck since a few days after we moved in. Chase named it Cleatus, and I find that name to be fitting even though this is a girl cat. Cleatus has a home two lots down where she gets food and water, so this is not our cat and we're not feeding her.

Yeah, she's ugly, but it's a cracked-out/charming sort of ugly that I find somewhat appealing. She looks like a cat that would be mean, but she's really sweet. She purrs like crazy whenever we go near her because she know we're going to pet her. I like having Cleatus around.

Cleatus is a momma cat and her baby, whom we call Junior, has just started to come around. Cleatus is super friendly and outgoing, but Junior is a scardey cat. He ran away the first few times I tried to approach him, then he'd just tremble and back away, but now he lets me pet him. He's a pretty soft kitten. Junior has taken to knocking my cactus off the railing(well, I'm assuming it was him since it didn't get knocked down until he started coming around). This last time he broke my pot. When I peeked out the window after he had knocked it down, he looked like he was sitting in a time out.

So, Cleatus and Junior have sort of become our "not quite pets." We get to play with them a bit and have some of their affection without having to take care of them. Pets or "not quite pets" do come with their downfalls, so I guess we won't be putting any more plants on our railing.

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J-Delicious said...

Cleatus is one mangy looking cat.