Sunday, February 19, 2006


I just used the sewing machine that I got for Christmas for the first time... I didn't sew any spectacular garments or anything, but I did figure out how to thread and use it... The instructions were pretty confusing, and I still don't know how to "end" a stitch... I mean, I can stop and all, but getting the thread to not unravel when it's pulled on is something I have yet to find in my manuel. I was trying some different stitches on a skirt I'd had since 6th grade (my mom had given it to me at Christmastime for practice material... it smells bad). The single stitch and the tripple stitch seem to be the sturdiest. I read a bit about what types of stitches to use for what types of fabric, but I don't think I need to study up on that quite yet. I think I'm going to try making something this week, but what to make? Right now I'm thinking either a simple skirt or a pillow.

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